Zoological Habitats

Wildlife Preservations has partnered with with rockwork artist Michael Vernalson to offer our clients world-class zoological habitats. These beautiful habitats are built to withstand everything from harsh weather to the active lives of ferocious polar bears. Past clients include some of the most prestigious zoos and aquariums in the world, including the Bronx Zoo, the Cincinnati Zoo, and Mystic Aquarium.

Wildlife Preservations works in partnership with a professional engineer to ensure that its structural elements can withstand constant abuse while remaining beautiful and unharmed. State-of-the-art materials and an extensive catalogue of in-house molds are used to produce geological and botanical features, which match any desired environment. 

Wildlife Preservations specializes in water features, including streams, waterfalls, pools, ponds, and misting walls. Environmental features can be designed to conceal or incorporate gates, retaining walls, life support systems and observation windows. All habitats are custom built to meet a client's specifications. Our company works to ensure optimal living conditions and the most natural habitats possible for the animals..

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