African Water Hole, New York, NY

Wildlife Preservations was hired by The Jonas Brothers’ Studio of New York to build an African water hole in a client’s home. The challenging job was carried out in an elegant brownstone on Broadway in Manhattan. Several types of African terrains were built in a small area. Seamless transitions between these habitats were necessary, as the room would eventually house everything from the swampy, grassy environments of the African sitatunga to the far drier regions of the gerenuk.

The recessed area that would become a large waterhole had already been installed by a contractor when the team arrived, so Wildlife Preservations was able to begin creating plant life indigenous to the area immediately. Fabricated aquatic plants and tangled roots were delicately placed around the waterhole. Mud was formed on the ground to further extend the illusion of realism.

This faithfully replicated African display was constructed to be easily maintained, durable and washable. The display is illuminated by a customized lighting design. As a final touch, a piece of cut plexi-glass was installed over the waterhole, allowing the owner of the brownstone the ability to walk over the top and carefully study every inch of what was below.

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