Landry’s T-REX Café

Downtown Disney Marketplace, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Landry’s T-REX Café, in Downtown Disney Marketplace, is an interactive themed restaurant in which visitors can dine surrounded by simulated prehistoric environments. The T-REX Café boasts an exact scale replica of the mountain Cerro Torres on its roof; a giant spike of granite that rises out of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in Argentina. The real Cerro Torres is covered with snow year round.

Landry’s T-REX Café commissioned Createk Stone to create the replica of Cerro Torres for their restaurant. Createk, in turn, hired Wildlife Preservations to apply artificial snow to the mountain peaks. The irregular shape and enormity of this structure made for a challenging situation; the pinnacle is forty feet above the roof of the restaurant, and the surfaces are quite steep. George Dante and his team used scaffolding, ladders and climbing harnesses to apply small batches of artificial snow to every peak and crevice of the restaurant’s replica of Cerro Torres. Although Central Florida has a more agreeable climate than the icy mountaintops of Patagonia, the intense sunlight and the occasional hurricane can cause a lot of damage. The artificial snow looks soft and fluffy, but in order to help it survive the climate, it is washable, resistant to ultraviolet light, and can withstand sustained winds over 155 mph.

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