Tigers: Tracking a Legend, Traveling Exhibit

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Tigers: Tracking a Legend is a traveling exhibit that takes visitors on a virtual journey into the world of the Bengal tiger. The exhibit is produced by Carol Amore, an accomplished wildlife photographer and high definition cinematographer. In order to further her research, Ms. Amore moved to India and closely documented the life of a tigress and her two cubs for an award winning film and a book of photographs. Tigers: Tracking a Legend is an immersive exhibit that allows visitors to learn the skills a naturalist needs in order to successfully track tigers in the field. Visitors begin to understand how to identify tiger tracks, track tiger direction and speed, and predict the next destination for these stealthy animals.

Wildlife Preservations was contacted by Ms. Amore to produce exact replicas of the very tiger family she observed in the field. The models are accurate in every detail, including the tigers' stripes; these markings are as individual as fingerprints. The poses and expressions upon which Wildlife Preservations based its reproductions are moments captured by Ms. Amore through photography and film.

To ensure accurate representation, George Dante frequented the collections of The American Museum of Natural History's Department of Mammology. Specifically, George was interested in the hair lengths and patterns of the Bengal tiger. Re-creating these patterns correctly in the artificial hair was essential in the creation of a believable model. 

The donation to Ms. Amore of a recently deceased white Bengal tiger from an Alabama zoo proved to be invaluable. Wildlife Preservations was able to take extensive notes, measurements, casts and photographs. Carcass molds taken from the specimen made for more accurate foundations for the cubs' final armature sculptures. Molds made from the tiger's paws and muzzle provided casts which were then used in the finished models. These replicas are the centerpiece of the exhibit, and offer a photo opportunity for human families to pose for pictures with the family of tigers.

Tigers – Tracking a Legend will premier at the Discovery Science Center in Southern California and will travel for ten years to museums in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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