The South Fork Natural History Museum, Bridgehampton, NY

The South Fork Natural History Museum is designed to emulate a nature walk through the various environments of the South Fork of Long Island. Wildlife Preservations provided several indigenous specimens in order to further the realism within the walls of the museum. A large diorama illustrating the different habitats that reside within the oak trees boasts a family of raccoons, an opossum, and a chipmunk, all created by Wildlife Preservations.

The museum features several peephole dioramas, all smaller than a shoebox. These tiny dioramas demand the utmost realism. Wildlife Preservations provided an eastern cottontail for a peephole diorama of a rabbit nest, and models of red tanager chicks for a model of a tanager's nest. A third diorama portrays a red fox pouncing on a vole amongst sand dunes.

The South Fork Natural History Museum was designed by Evidence Design of Brooklyn, New York. 

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Photo: S. Berman, © Evidence Design

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