White Rhinoceros Model

Hunting rhinoceros by means of a tranquilizing dart has gained popularity for a variety of reasons. In addition to it being a far more affordable and humane method of hunting this enormous beast, it is an excellent means of carrying out veterinary and scientific research. Often the rhinoceros is safely moved to a better location once it has been tranquilized, allowing for repopulation of sparse areas.

By working diligently from a client's photos, Wildlife Preservations is able to yield an exact replica of each unique specimen. We believe that it is impossible to achieve the subtle variations of the rhino's skin by using generic molds, so we prefer to sculpt these features by hand. Our artists are able to produce softer detail, more accurate shapes and folds, and a more realistic final piece overall than is possible with a cast from a mold. 

The process begins by hand carving a basic shape out of foam. It is then covered in an epoxy medium, and detailed by using a variety of in-house texture molds created from the skin of a rhinoceros. The remaining elements are added by delicate hand sculpting. The final piece is airbrushed, hand painted, and covered in soil to duplicate the original markings of the animal.  

Each rhinoceros created in our shop is unique. Our artists work to yield the best results possible as a constant reminder of your memorable hunt. 

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