Restoration and Cleaning Services

The artists of Wildlife Preservations take the same pride and care in cleaning and restoring mounts as they do in creating new ones. George Dante has provided consultation services to some of the finest taxidermy collections in the world, including the Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology, the New Jersey State Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History.

When improperly cleaned and restored, a taxidermy mount will begin to deteriorate and loose value. That is why we are proud to offer on-site cleaning and evaluation services to both our private clients and major institutions. The delicate nature of taxidermy specimens and their habitats demands a careful touch for even the simplest of cleanings. Our company will dust your mounts to prevent a build-up of harmful allergens and unsightly particles. We will examine your trophies carefully to make sure there is no risk of bug infestation. Thinning fur and insect holes are not a problem for us, because we have an extensive collection of artificial and natural furs and flock, which allows us to match the color and texture of any hide. We also clean dioramas and botanicals.

Wildlife Preservations’ restoration work encompasses everything from rebuilding antler tines to re-sculpting facial features, to rescuing specimens that have been deemed unsalvageable by other companies. Thanks to our solid relationship with local museums, zoos and animal rescue centers, we have access to reference specimens, for any living animal, and many extinct ones as well. We also have an extensive collection of proprietary molds. Our experienced and resourceful artists and taxidermists are prepared to clean and successfully restore specimens in the worst condition. When a beautiful mountain goat plummeted 1,300 feet off the side of a cliff, Wildlife Preservations was able to repair its face, horns and fur so that the damage was undetectable.

Our company has been entrusted with the restoration and conservation of some of the most cherished and historic collections in the world. The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) chose Wildlife Preservations to repair one of only twelve existing Tasmanian wolf specimens in the world. The extinct creature had cracked, split skin and a broken tail, and needed immediate attention.  The wolf was carefully repaired by the company under the close scrutiny of the museum’s conservators. We feel honored that the curators and Exhibition Department of AMNH value our skills and experience and recognize Wildlife Preservations high standing in the world of taxidermy.

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