Ground Forms

Wildlife Preservations creates ground forms with the utmost devotion to artistry and detail. Equal care and craftsmanship is paid to the rock formations as is dedicated to the main subjects of the exhibits, ultimately resulting in a masterpiece, which flawlessly recreates nature. 

The creation of a convincing habitat depends greatly on the accurate depiction of a location, the season and the time of day in which the scene occurs. Each handcrafted structure is built following extensive research. When accessible, the staff of Wildlife Preservations will travel to the field to photograph and sketch the appropriate environment. If necessary, photo reference is used to better understand out-of-area locations. Specimens are collected or created to be used as reference and as elements in the finished piece.    

Wildlife Preservations produces ground forms with specialized features including flowing water, lighting arrangements, and life support systems for living specimens. An extensive catalogue of in-house molds allows Wildlife Preservations to produce geological and botanical features for a wide variety of settings.

Wildlife Preservations has developed the highest standards in order to satisfy the most demanding clients. The company takes visible pride in its work, and looks forward to extending that care to your future exhibit.

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