The history of Wildlife Preservations is deeply rooted in the production of aquatic life models. George Dante began refining his technique over twenty five years ago, and has since developed a reputation for his company as one which creates some of the most accurate fish reproductions in the industry. 

Wildlife Preservations provides custom molding and casting services to its clients.  The company has also created an extensive catalogue of proprietary molds.  To date, our talented staff has produced thousands of dramatic fish models and installations for private clients and museums around the world. 

Wildlife Preservations meets its clients’ needs through the arts of both careful mold making and specimen preservation.  George works together with marine biologists and ichthyologists to ensure that the accuracy and integrity of each piece remains uncompromised. 

In addition to extensive studio work, the staff of Wildlife Preservations spend a great deal of time on the company’s 30-foot research vessel.  Their time on the water as both artists and naturalists is an essential part of their continued success.

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